Monthly Archives: September 2012

Out to the Spit for a swim.

Today was a great day for me!   My Dialysis Solutions that I have been using  now for one and a half  years, appears to no longer be  giving me the same results as the previous year.  I am getting some bad cramping in my Neck, hands, feet, and even just under my rib cage!  My energy levels have also gone down compared to  prior  months.  We (my kidney doctor and myself ) are  hopeful that these new changes (tweaks) will help.    There are trace minerals in one of the bags of solution,  the  Nutrineal.   The second bag has  less sugar than the third solution.   So I have three bags to hook up to at night now, over an eight hour span,  instead of only two bags, as was the case prior to this visit.     My blood pressure  medication was also lowered again.   I an hopeful that my energy, I  have been experiencing this past couple of days will  continue. Read more »

September 12 2012 Paired Donor exchange.

Mike went to Vancouver to St. Paul’s Hospital for the last of his test.   He is now done with all his test!    We will be entered in the,  October computer generated Paired exchange program.   This LDPE  Registry Program is when an incompatible Donor and recipient are interested in a paired exchange,medical tests are done to see if they are healthy enough to participate.  If they qualify, their medical information is entered into the LDPE  Registry as a pair.  The LDPE Registry is a secure computer database. It contains medical information about incompatible donor-recipient pairs from across Canada.  The Registry compares the medical information on all the pairs in the database and identifies pairs that might be able to exchange donors.       Here’s  how it works: Read more »