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The year is 2011:     I am forty-seven years old and married to my friend and hero Mike.    We have a daughter, Rachel, who is twenty-six and married to, our son-in-law Patrick.    They have two children.   They truly are grand!     Rayne is five and Justice is almost three.    They live up the street from our house, which makes things convenient because my daughter works three nights a week and I take the kids.    I have my grand kids probably, four times a week truth be told.    Give or take a day or two depending on my heath.    They bring me such  enormous joy!    I am proud of what a great mother and wife my daughter is.    I was the third youngest, to be born into a family, of seven children.     My father and mother are seventy-five and seventy-six  years old.    They have eleven,  grand children and six great grand children.    Their aging health is hard for them and all of us to deal with at times.   We are all great-full, to have them still with us all, as a  fine examples to follow.    They are coming up on their 55th wedding anniversary this Sunday.    My dad was a logger and then settled into his long career as a Driller / Blaster.    As I would hear from time to time, from my male friends , who worked with him over the years, what a fantastic and highly skilled, hard worker he was. We kids knew this.    As we grew up, we knew , how important it was to both our parents, to always work hard and have a good attitude.    In  what ever we did.    I remember in the summers, when dad was”out for the heat”, he would always find summer jobs.    Some times, two and three at a time.    We would go with Mom and Dad, on what was an adventure to me, collecting discarded bottles. This made a profound impact on me.   I remember feeling proud of ” our part,” in helping, to keep this planet clean… and making a few bob, while we were at it, is how my mother would put it.    Mike and I have done this as well, with Rachel and our grand kids, while we swim at our favorite swimming holes.    My brother Paul is the first and only son, born to my dad and mom.    I love how my mother tells the story, of the first day, she brought me home from the hospital.    Paul would have been seven years old at the time.    He was already, a big brother to Laurie, who was  five at the time.   Kim ,was almost four and Julie,who was soon to become to me,  like a twin sister,   was only thirteen months old,  bless her little soul,  when I was brought home.    I’m sure my mother was only to pleased, to let Laurie and Kim Pretend, to be her mommy.    Or more likely than not, fight for the position!    Poor little Paul so  desperate for a brother!    Mom said he took one look at me and yelled it’s a boy!    I imagine he looked at  my red hair and knew, I could handle playing the role of his little brother.    For a few years any ways!    Two years later, Terri was born and three years after her, Michelle.   It was never boring in our house.    We spent a lot of our time out side where I was most happiest being, the tom boy that I was as a child.    I am still, somewhat of a tom boy.    I love, play fighting, with Rayne.    Which brings us up  to date, with today.    I am in Renal failure.   I am on a Transplant list.   Mike and I are  Jehovah’s witnesses.    I share this with you, because there will be moments in my blog, where this will be applicable.   This blog is strictly, for explaining my journey with Kidney failure.    It is not a religious blog, nor will it become one.     I am forever grateful, to Paul for designing this site, for me to explain{vent} my story to you and for being there for me,  in the hospital and out.   My sisters and my dear mom and dad have been, a God send to me and I’m glad, that this has brought us all closer.    It is my hope, that by sharing my story with you, I will be encouraged and more informed, about this, steadily increasing disease.    I hope this for you as well,  in your Quest.    My dear reader.

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