August 27th 2012

The weather is changing, fall is in the air.    Sadly summer fun is coming to an end and yet I find more and more as the years go by, that I love this time of year.    Kids and mothers, are scrambling to get ready for the new  school year.    It’s so cute, for the first time,  my daughter, Son-in-law and  grandson are included this ritual.   I am glad it’s them and not me though, been there done that.     Mike and I are  busy with Medical stuff as par usual.   This time is a little different.    We are headed off to different hospitals for test.     Mike is headed to St. Paul’s in Vancouver for  a two-day,  Meet and greet, like the one we just did for myself  in June.   Mike has to go again, this time it’s for him-self, though.   We are pretty sure this is  his final stage of screening .   It’s a little nerve-wracking because we  are being entered into a computer generated ” pool”,  in October, for  cross paired exchange program.     It’s unnerving, to say the least,  if he’s not accepted,  at this point it usually means there is some thing wrong with his health!    So even though we are confident  and positive, that he is healthy,  we also know from experience that things are not always what they appear.  I am headed down, the day after he leaves, to Nanaimo for my fifth, three-month scheduled appointment with my Nephrologist and the rest of the team.  I am a little  apprehensive this trip.    My energy level has gone down again.  I’m hopping it’s something small that can easily be tweaked by the experienced  team.    As I come up on; Twelve months on P.D. dialysis, I am beginning to feel the toll on my body.   This July  I was diagnosed with Gout.   A painful arthritis.    Our Kidney’s get rid of uric acid in our body’s and  because I have only  thirteen percent of my kidneys working, they are unable to effectively do so.   As good as  Dialysis is ,  it does not cleanse the body of toxins like our kidney’s do, nor can it distribute nutrition to the different parts of  the body,  such as our kidney’s can.   Some thing I am finally starting to understand more and more as time goes on.    My Sister Terri is done with her first stage of blood tests and is waiting on her results.    I can not explain how surreal this  is for me.  To be excited and hopeful to have my healthy active life back,   and at the same time be worried  that we could find out that  her or Mike have some thing seriously  wrong which needs to be addressed ,  than back again to if they are good to go…..  they now get to go through a painful operation, so that I can live,  that strong healthy life .   I don’t think I will ever be truly comfortable with this situation.   This is truly and will always be (knock on wood)  the best gift I will ever receive .   I don’t think it’s possible to grasp the enormity of  such a  loving gift!    I feel so fortunate to be so loved!

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