Tissue testing!

Wow!   I’m so excited!  My brave,  beautiful sister,  Terri has been going through a lengthy and  some what  difficult pre-testing stages required in order to be a kidney donor and she just found out on Thursday, November the 22nd 2012 that she is good to move onto the final tissue typing, last stage.   She and I both go into our local hospitals for the test and they are sent over right away to Saint Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver B.C.   Then she will need to go to Vancouver for a two day interview with the medical team and more tests.  It is looking more and more like Terri will be my donor.   I am exited  and somewhat subdued at the same time.  It’s the most wonderful and selfless gift that I will  have ever received and I pray that I can receive it with the same courage and grace  that Terri has showed.  Even if our tissue’s were not a match…her energy and positive attitude has helped and encouraged me through this difficult year and a half, more than any words could ever do justice.  It’s so wonderful to think that maybe some time after March we could be receiving our operations at the same time in the same hospitals!  It will be an exiting and nerve racking day for our Dad, Mom and family.  I am only too happy to be at the other end of that scenario, which will be knocked out with no feelings!  It’s going to be a nerve racking day for our loved ones I suppose but what a joyous ending when we’re are both awake and safe!   This will be a life changer for Terri and myself .  I love my little sister and look forward to  the day after surgery when  we both open our eyes and are in the recovery room safe and  sharing the first day of the rest of our lives together forever…I only have my love and gratitude to repay her with but it’s a lot of love and gratitude towards my little sis. xoxo

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