Starting the process for Kidney Transplant

Well I just got my  Pre transplant   Folder , from St.Paul’s Hospital and medical Test requisites.  This is the next step towards getting me ready for my Transplant. Since than I have been steadily over hauled. My teeth, any little unusual mark on my body has to be looked at.   It would not make sense to put a healthy kidney into  my body if I  had a  Cancer of some sort or another serious disease . Also I will be put on strong immune suppressant drugs for the first year and wouldn’t be able to fight off any thing too severe.  After the first year the suppressant’s are nowhere near as strong.   I’ve had two skin biopsy’s and endless amount of blood test!   As much as it is a pain in the rump it is reassuring.   My husband Mike, who has volunteered one of his kidney’s to me, also received a  fairly thick  folder  as well, to be filled out by himself, and  a long medical requisites of his own.   So one Friday we got up early and  went up together to our local hospital for Blood work.  What a romantic day that was!  Eight vials  of Blood each!   Mike has to lay down when he has blood taken because he faints. So I had a good time teasing him .   I asked,” how are you going to give me a Kidney if you can’t even handle getting a needle”?    He reminded me that I need his Kidney,  so I’d better put a sock in it!   Well as  you can imagine my fun was over!    Every one had a good laugh!    On a more serious  note though, we were very excited about this.   As long as Mikes Kidneys are healthy and so is he,  than he will be able to donate his kidney even if he is not the  right blood match for me.   The kidney foundation will pair us up with another family  who he is a match to  and that family will have someone who is a match to  me .  Brilliantly simple!  Well so to speak.  So it is most likely that  Mike will be the donor .  My hero.    Mike and I  both will be tested for every thing from A to Z. We’re getting the best medical treatment we’ll probably  ever receive in our lives!  I feel like we are Royalty or millionaires.   We  have  a toll-free Number for  our  own personal nurse and a  food nutritionist and even a social worker.  I even have all of my Doctors phone numbers.  What in the ….. will  we do after the transplant!   When we become ordinary Joe’s again?  lol.   Our medical  system is not as bad as we think.  At least in some areas any ways .        I’m sure thankful to  my Mother and Father for  deciding  to move up to Canada in 1969.    I truly am..

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